November 29, 2023 — 1.2346 Service Update

This release was expected to go out on November 28 but was postponed until Wednesday, November 29.

Announcement: Code Freeze

Kibo has entered its "code freeze" for the peak holiday season, in which no more updates will be pushed to production tenants. Changes will continue to be added to sandbox environments per the below schedule and will be released to production on January 8, 2024:

  • Version 1.2342: October 31
  • Version 1.2344: November 15
  • Version 1.2346: November 29
  • Version 1.2348: December 12

Production Sandbox Features 


  • Gift Messages and Receipts: You can now specify both order-level gift messages and individual item-level gift messages, which can be printed on a dedicated gift receipt that does not display the price paid. While gift messages can be viewed and updated in the Admin UI, the receipts can only be printed via the Fulfiller UI during the Provide to Customer or Prepare Shipment steps. See the Gift Orders and Items guide for more details.


  • Print Return Labels on SRT: As part of the migration of all carrier accounts from the previous carrier service (CARS) to the Shipping Runtime (SRT) service, the Print Return Labels functionality has also been updated to SRT. This does not require any additional work on your end and return labels should continue to work as expected with migrated carrier data.

Sandbox Bug Fixes

CommerceWhen manually reassigning an order, some locations were duplicated in the list of options. This has been fixed so that results are not duplicated.
CommerceIn certain scenarios where customers ordered multiples of a product and a shipment reassignment happened at some point, users were unable to initiate replacement shipments due to a duplicate line error. This has been corrected so that replacements can be successfully shipped when required.
EventsThe customeraccount.deleted event notification was not received when an account was deleted, though customeraccount.created and customeraccount.updated messages were working as expected. This has been corrected so that the deletion event notification is properly sent.
FulfillerWhen a line item was adjusted to a price of $0, return labels would experience an error and could not be printed. This has been fixed so that labels can be successfully generated and printed for $0 line items.

Restricted Content

Internal Sandbox Details

Find more information about the client-facing updates at these Jira tickets:

The following enhancements are internal-only and not exposed to clients:

  • CAT-3446: Rate limiting has been applied to the Batch Import API to improve performance, based on platform load.
  • CAT-3968: Validation has been improved on the Merchandizing Rules API to ensure that clean data is provided when updating a merchandizing rule, such as not allowing products past position 100 to be pinned and not duplicating positions. This will reduce the frequency of odd behavior being experienced on the storefront and preview grid.
  • CHAR-4622: Sonar Cube integration has been added to the Jobs service.

The following bug fixes are internal-only and not exposed to clients:

  • CAT-3977: Errors were experienced when the resolver was hitting Solr9 for legacy tenants during indexing. This process has been improved so that the tenant will be verified before performing indexing.
  • CHAR-5237: RIS automation tests were often failing due to issues such as environment, performance, data, and memory loss. These tests have now been improved to reduce the amount of unnecessary failures and improve performance.
  • CHAR-5215: Sonar scanner support broke after moving RIS to a new structure. This has been corrected so that Sonar scanners are functioning as expected again.
  • CHAR-5191: Optimizations have been done to the getGroupAvailableLocations cache, as some events were causing system issues when the cache took time to be invalidated. Now the cache will be expired instead of invalidating all keys on events.

Find more information about the client-facing bug fixes at these Jira tickets:

  • Duplicate Reassignment Locations: COM-8026 (reported by Ace Hardware)
  • Duplicate Line Error: COM-8005 (reported by Reeds and Ignitiv)
  • Return Labels for $0 Products: COM-7902
  • Customer Account Deleted Event: COM-7769