September 22, 2020 — 1.2037 Service Update

Production Tenant Features

eCommerce Functionality

  • Acknowledge Credit Error: An option to “Acknowledge Error” can now be selected in the payments view of an order in the Order Admin UI when an error occurs on a credit. Selecting this option will allow the administrator or customer service representative to confirm the issue and forcibly remove the credit from the errored state. This will move the credit to “AcknowledgedError” status instead.

Order Admin and Fulfiller Functionality

  • Pick Wave Departments: The Pick Wave view of the Fulfiller Interface can now display a “Department” column that references custom data ( that displays the department that each item belongs to. This is not automatically applied to all tenants, as it was a client customization request – however, it can be enabled on any tenants that wish to have it and use the appropriate custom data.
  • Print Transfer Pickup Slip: The Receive Transfer screen of the Fulfiller interface, during the transfer shipment process for customer pickup, now includes a “Print Pick Sheet” button that allows the pickup slip to be printed and attached to the product. This sheet can then be provided to the customer along with their transferred items as is usual with non-transfer orders.
  • Focused Transfer Locations: If a fulfiller user has “All Stores” selected as their location in the FFUI and steps into a transfer, they have previously been presented with a store selector that they must choose a location from in order to continue fulfillment. This has been changed so that when they step into a transfer shipment, they are automatically set to that transfer’s location (if they have the appropriate permissions for that location). If they do not have appropriate permission, they will not be able to modify the transfer shipment.
  • Fulfiller Search Errors: The quick search and advanced search tool in the Fulfiller Interface experienced some circular dependency issues as well as other errors. These have been corrected to improve search functionality and make them more responsive.

Curbside Delivery Functionality

  • Curbside Enhancements: Curbside Delivery notifications and landing pages have received minor updates to correct typos, improve verbiage, and make some adjustments to formatting to better display on mobile devices.
  • Curbside SMS STOP: Curbside SMS notifications to customers now include a code that the customer can reply with to stop receiving SMS messages, such as “Reply 11111 to opt out.” If the customer sends this code, they will receive a notification that they have successfully opt out and then they will not receive any further fulfillment SMS notifications.

Production Sandbox Features

eCommerce and Order Management Functionality

  • Session Timeout: When a user session expires due to inactivity, the user is redirected to the login page when they attempt to perform another action. An error message is also displayed, explaining that the session expired and asking the user to log back in.
  • Auto Credit: In auto capture, payment rankings determine the sequence in which payments get captured and allow certain payment methods to be prioritized first. This ranking system has been extended to auto crediting, in which amounts are credited back to payment methods in reverse order of rank if adjustments are made after payment has been captured. For example, payment ranking for capturing could prioritize credit cards over gift cards. If an order was paid for with $20 on a credit card and $40 on a gift card and a total of $50 needs to be credited, then the amounts would be $40 back to the gift card and the remaining $10 would go to the credit card.
  • Import/Export Updates: Several optimizations have been made to the Import/Export tool, changing how it should be used to manage and download data. CSV is now the only supported file format for most categories, except for Content which still supports both CSV and Excel files. Additionally, an export must now be performed before importing any new files and the headers of the export and import files must match (including their sequential order), or else an error message will be logged. This is because the tool now checks for differences between the two files in order to determine what data should be updated. If any data is going to be imported under a new header that does not yet exist, then the tenant should be updated first so that the export file will include the new header. In the case of new tenants, the tool will recognize the empty export file and proceed to import the new data.

Curbside Delivery Functionality

  • Curbside Customer Survey: Curbside customers can now fill out surveys about their experience via a link within their notifications that direct them to a landing page with up to four questions. These questions include preset response options rating the customer experience, as well as a free form section for the customer to write additional comments.

Bug Fixes

The following list summarizes resolved issues for this release.

Targeted for Production TenantsShipping, duty, and handling fees were not calculated correctly after orders were imported to KCCP order management from a non-Kibo storefront. These calculations have been fixed so that they properly reflect the fees that should be applied to the order.
Targeted for Production TenantsReady Shipment notifications were being sent for canceled shipments due to message metadata that still listed the READY status. This has been fixed so that once a shipment is cancelled, the data is updated and a ready notification is not triggered.
Targeted for Production TenantsPurolator tracking numbers were not displayed as clickable links in Shipment Confirm emails. The email template and fulfillment data have been updated to ensure that Purolator tracking numbers are clickable in these customer emails.
Targeted for Production SandboxesOrder confirmation emails were not being sent for Curbside orders that included pricing information at import. This was due to a conflict with how the emailing process checked for payment method information (which is not passed with Curbside order data). This has been fixed so that order confirmation emails can be successfully sent for Curbside orders.
Targeted for Production TenantsDuplicate addresses between B2B accounts were being successfully saved even though accounts are supposed to have unique addresses. This has been corrected so that attempting a save an address that already exists results in an error message.
Targeted for Production TenantsEmail subject lines were unable to be changed in French language templates, as any updates that were made to the custom schema were not displayed in the actual email. This has been fixed so that French emails can be properly edited.