May 30, 2023 — 1.2320 Service Update

The Production tenant features described below will be released to EU and STG environments on May 30 along with all Sandbox updates. However, the Production features will not be released to US environments until May 31.

Production Tenant Features


  • Add Products in Merchandizing Rules: You can now manually add products to your search results when configuring a merchandizing rule, allowing you to promote additional products that wouldn't normally appear for a search term or category. For more information, see the Merchandizing Rules guide.
  • Minor UI Update: The Save button on the Merchandizing Rules page has been standardized to have the same size and padding as other Save buttons in the Admin UI.

Production Bug Fixes

Fulfiller500 Errors were being experienced for shipments that had one line item out of stock during the shipment creation process, due to a null pointer exception. This has been corrected so that shipments can be successfully created.
ReturnsReturn labels were not being generated for a particular implementation, due to an error where invalid customer reference numbers were being provided for return shipments. This has been fixed so that return labels can be successfully generated with the proper customer reference numbers.

Restricted Content

Internal Production Details

Find more information about the client-facing updates at these Jira tickets:

The following enhancements are internal-only and not exposed to clients:

  • FFMT-3777: The Fulfiller UI has been upgraded to Version 8 of Angular.
  • CAT-2623: A new field, sale_price_effective_date, has been added to the Google feed Solr export.
  • CAT-2636: The salePriceEndDate field has been populated in Solr as part of Google feed changes.
  • CAT-2774: Exports have been hooked up via MongoAdmin for testing instead of unit tests, so exports can now be created from the Mongo Admin API. See the ticket for a Postman collection and more information.
  • TECR-2, TECR-3, and TECR-5: Headless and Search tenant provisioning has been optimized with a new workflow and the Dev Center/AppDev services have been updated to insert new tenant type defaults for new dev accounts, implement SQL to update existing dev accounts, and make minor UI updates.

The following bug fixes are internal-only and not exposed to clients:

  • FFMT-3840: The Kibo.Fulfillment service was upgraded to a new Spring Boot version but began experiencing errors when calling any Fulfillment API that writes EntityModel<String> responses. This has been corrected so error messages are no longer returned for these APIs.

Find more information about the client-facing bug fixes at these Jira tickets:

  • Null Shipment Errors: FFMT-3828 (reported by Ssense and The Level Group)
  • Return Labels Not Generating: COM-7489 (reported by Ignitiv)

Production Sandbox Features


  • Assembly Partial Pickup: Available assembly items in BOPIS shipments can now be picked up by the customer while the shipment is still waiting on other items to be provided via transfer. This is similar to the existing partial pickup behavior for standard BOPIS shipments. See the Preparation & Delivery documentation for more information about shipments with assembly items.


  • Real-Time Inventory Service Update: RIS (or the Real Time Inventory Service) is now available and enabled for OMS-Only clients. Previously, it was only enabled for eComm-Only and eComm+OMS clients. OMS-Only implementations can use the available RIS APIs if desired.


  • Configurable Shipment Creation: By default, shipments are created immediately upon order submission which means you must make edits to order items and pricing at the shipment level. However, you can now change this behavior to delay shipment creation and inventory allocation to a preset time after submission. This allows you to reduce the rate of item returns and cancellations after shipments are already fulfilled or in the process of being fulfilled, as well as the ability to edit the order between submission and shipment creation. See the Configure Shipment Creation guide for more details.
  • Order Permissions Update: The Orders API now supports two boolean flags, restrictEdit and restrictCancellation, that when enabled will prevent customer service representatives or other Admin users from editing or cancelling the order respectively. These flags can be set after order submission using the new Update Order Restrictions endpoint. A new user behavior, Override Order Update Restriction, is also available in the user role permissions and applied to SuperAdmin and Admin users by default. A user with this behavior will be able to perform order updates regardless of the order's restriction flags.


  • Site Search Configurations: A couple additional settings have been added to the Site Search configurations. These settings are a Two Word Phrase Boosting toggle and Split On Whitespace Behavior (SOW). SOW supports the options of Always, Never, and When No Multi-Term Synonym(s), which also enables the additional setting of a Multi-Term Synonym MinMatch value. 


  • Subscription Reporting Fields: A couple additional properties have been added to subscription data in order to support reporting. These properties are PreviousFrequency, FrequencyAudit, PreviousNextOrderDate, and NextOrderDateAudit. These fields are cleared after each continuity order is generated, and re-populated when the Update Next Order Date API or Update Subscription Frequency API is called. This allows you to now generate reports based on the next order date and/or subscription frequency.

Sandbox Bug Fixes

CommerceIf a refund was greater than $999, then the Calculated Refund Amount was displayed as $NaN in the Admin refund modal. This has been corrected so that the proper value number is listed instead.
FulfillmentDeclared values were being unnecessarily sent with return labels, where they were only required for shipping labels. This has been fixed so that declared values are no longer provided with return label data.
FulfillmentKibo's BorderFree application sent Parcel Shipment Notification API requests from Kibo to BorderFree for domestic orders, which should not have required this notification. The application also included the wrong parcel ID (or the tracking number) for some valid non-domestic orders. This has been fixed so that the API request is only sent for international orders and includes the correct tracking number.
Import/ExportMaking an import call with the Import/Export API with invalid categoryCodes resulted in no error messages and no changes being made, while attempting to make the same edit directly via the Catalog APIs resulted in an error. The Import/Export API has now been updated to provide an error response in the case of these invalid fields.
InventoryWhen an application was subscribed to the Product Inventory Updated event, no events of that type would actually be published. This has been fixed so that product inventory updates will be visible in event logs when subscribed.
SearchThe Search spell correction implementation had an incorrect configuration setting that caused AND logic to be unintentionally applied to IN filters in searches. This has been corrected so that spell correction with IN queries will have more logical results.
Site EditorAfter clicking search results in the Site Editor, the page was not displayed in the editor pane as expected. This has been corrected so that the Site Editor will properly load the page.

Restricted Content

Internal Sandbox Details

Find more information about the client-facing updates at these Jira tickets:

  • Assembly Partial Pickup: FFMT-3455
  • Real-Time Inventory Service Update: CHAR-4801 and TECR-50 (This feature will also be available by default for future clients at the time of launch.)
  • Configurable Shipment Creation: COM-7045
  • Order Permissions Update: COM-7411
  • Site Search Configurations: CAT-2621
  • Subscription Reporting Fields: COM-7335

The following enhancements are internal-only and not exposed to clients:

  • TECR-4: The Site Builder admin has been updated to support Search and headless tenants, in which the existing editor is hidden and only select elements (such as email templates) are shown for headless.
  • TECR-16: A new tenant attribute has been added to allow storefront arc (null = true) for provisioning headless or OMS-only implementations.
  • FFMT-2361: A new field, workflowProcessVersion, has been added to the shipment data model to help identify the exact workflow a shipment is using.
  • CAT-2921: Validation has been added to restrict the isInheritedFromBaseType setting so that it cannot be set to true when adding/updating attributes. This will prevent any clients from changing product types this way.
  • CAT-2763: All messages displayed to API users, such as validation messages, are now localized so that they can be displayed in French or English.
  • CAT-2718: Before sending any inventory update events, the system will now check the ConsumesInventoryUpdateEvents tenant attribute. If false, then the events will not be sent. This is intended to help reduce the amount of events being generated.
  • CAT-3078: Optimization has been done to the Locations In Stock process to avoid writing docs to Solr when nothing is effectively changed besides the order of locations coming back from the inventory call.

Find more information about the client-facing bug fixes at these Jira tickets:

  • Declared Values for Return Labels: FFMT-3830 (reported by Tourneau)
  • Import/Export APIs Error: CAT-2471
  • Inventory Events Not Publishing: CAT-2208 (reported by Ssense and Reeds)
  • Search IN Filters: CAT-2949 (reported by Ace Hardware)
  • Site Editor Not Displaying Page: CAT-2858 (reported by Ace Hardware)
  • BorderFree Application Integration: COM-6729 (reported by French Toast)
  • Incorrect Calculated Refund Amount: COM-7446 (reported by Sound United)