June 30, 2020 — 1.2025 Service Update

Note: While the Production functionality listed here is being deployed on June 30, the Sandbox functionality is delayed by a day and will be deployed on Wednesday, July 1st.

Production Tenant Features

Order Admin and Fulfiller Functionality

  • Quick Search by Shipment Number: The quick search options in the Fulfiller interface previously supported searching by order numbers and external identifiers, but not specific shipment numbers. Searching for a shipment number resulted in no shipments being returned, even if the number was a valid one. This search functionality has been enhanced to enable searching by shipment number and properly return the matching results.
  • Upgraded OMS API Updates: In addition to other OMS APIs that are already supported by the translation layer, the ability to submit a POST request to the Create Location API and GET/POST/UDPATE calls to the Custom Order Data API has been added. Clients upgrading to KCCP from a previous version of OMS can make these calls and their requests will automatically be made compatible with the new version of the APIs on KCCP.
  • Filter Order API by Status: Support has been added to ensure that GET calls to the translated Order API can be filtered by status, allowing orders to be searched for and retrieved based on a specific status such as Ready. This filter would be applied like “…/?orderStatus=READY”, just as it was in the APIs used by the previous version of OMS.
  • Express Shipping: An express shipping flag at the shipment level (shipment.isExpress) can now be passed to the Order Routing and Shipment APIs. If the shipping method is set as any kind of express shipping (1day, 2day, or 3day) during order submit, shipment transfer, or reassignment, then the flag will be active and used to enable this fulfillment. To further support this, shipments can be filtered by “express” in the Fulfiller UI. Fulfillment locations must have express enabled in their location configs when orders are being routed.

Production Sandbox Features

eCommerce Functionality

  • Sliced Visual Merchandising: Visual Merchandising now better supports the Slicing feature, displaying product slices on the storefront in the order they were ranked through visual merchandising.
  • Search by Product Attributes: Product attributes can now be searched for in the Products view of KCCP, enabling admin users to more easily find products they may be looking for. A query with the below syntax can be typed directly into the search bar or entered in the new “Attribute Search” field in the Advanced Search pop-up filters. Custom attributes are currently supported by this feature, but mapping attributes are not. The syntax for the query is attribute:code=value, such as attribute:color=red. To search for multiple attributes, use a semicolon as in attribute:color=red;size=L or use a space between the expressions as in attribute:color=red attribute:size=XL.

Order Admin and Fulfiller Functionality

  • SMS Store Notifications: Some types of SMS (text) notifications can now be sent to fulfiller users. These notifications are sent directly to store associates to inform them about updates in the fulfillment process that they may need to take action on, such as orders being cancelled. There are three message topics, the default templates of which include the relevant Store ID, a link to view the shipment details, and a link to the Fulfiller UI. These message topics are Order Cancelled, Item/Shipment Cancelled, and Fulfillment Location Assigned, and are triggered whenever that type of cancellation occurs or their location is assigned to a shipment they need to fulfill. SMS notifications should first be enabled in the site settings, and then individual fulfiller users can be opted in or out through the user management settings within the Fulfiller UI.Note: This feature can be tested in sandboxes, but requires the assistance of Kibo Engineering to fully enable and test for use in production. Please contact your Kibo project team if you wish to use this feature.
  • Transaction Logs: KCCP now sends transaction logs to new clients in order management. Five types of logs are sent: Sales, Transfers, Credits, Cancels, and Returns. These reports include information regarding the specifics of each order captured, providing detailed order data reporting and accounting. For more information, see the transactional log documentation. Clients who are upgrading to KCCP from the previous version of OMS and using translated APIs receive logs that are translated, so no changes have been made to their existing functionality.
  • Canada Post Shipping Manifests: Canada Post manifests are now supported in the Fulfiller UI for locations with Canada Post enabled as a carrier, and can be accessed via the “Shipping Manifests” page in the navigation menu. If a manifest is required at the location, then they can be generated for one or more selected shipments and printed from this page. Previously generated manifests can be viewed and reprinted if necessary.
  • Purolator Shipping Carrier: Purolator is now supported as a shipping carrier, allowing its shipping methods and rates to be configured in KCCP site settings and then labels generated in the Fulfiller UI with EasyPost. Purolator should be configured under System > Settings > Shipping > Carriers with appropriate account credentials before it is enabled as a carrier option for locations and location groups. This carrier supports service types of PurolatorExpress, PurolatorGround, and PurolatorQuickShip.
  • No-Operation Payment Gateways: No-operation gateways can now support multiple card types in one single gateway to process payments and gift cards. A no-operation gateway does not require any credentials to connect to an external payment service and considers This is useful for clients upgrading from a previous version of OMS who were already using “NoOp” payments, or any client who needs to use no-operation gateways for credit payments along with gift cards.
  • Session Expiration: When a Fulfiller UI user’s session times out after a period of inactivity, the interface now automatically refreshes the page and redirects the user to the Log In screen and prompts them to log back in to resume their session.

Bug Fixes

The following list summarizes resolved issues for this release.

Targeted for Production TenantsThe KCCP Create Order API experienced intermittent failures with an error code of 400, indicating that a customer address already existed in the system and the new data was invalid. This has been corrected so that the API can properly handle these cases and submit those orders more consistently.
Targeted for Production TenantsFor a particular implementation upgraded from a previous version of OMS, if a store had no inventory for a product available and the customer clicked “Find Another Store” from the product page then no new results would be returned. The catalog has been updated to properly retrieve this information based on the arc action in place for the implementation.
Targeted for Production TenantsWhen a B2B user copied a wishlist into a new list and attempted to remove an item, an error code 404 would be returned. This has been fixed so that items can be successfully removed from any copied wishlists.
Targeted for Production TenantsThe Super Admin role did not have behavior permissions enabled for customer password change, order updates (for items, pricing, discounts, etc.), or currency management (read, write, etc.), which also prevented these permissions from being added to any custom roles. These behaviors have been added to the role.
Targeted for Production TenantsUpdating products with localized properties resulted in the non-English entries being removed from the product, even if only the English value was edited. This has been corrected so that localized product data is not lost when updating the product data.
Targeted for Production SandboxesGET calls to the storefront Products API (../catalog/admin/products/) was not returning all image group information in the product details as it was expected to. Thie required workarounds in the form of additional API calls in order to get images, which affected performance and loading times on pages such as categories and searches. This has been updated so that this API will return all image data in the response.
Targeted for Production SandboxesLocalized variant options, such as localized pricing, were not updating properly in the catalog and instead were removed (set to a blank value). This has been fixed so that localized variant values properly update, and is related to the above production tenant fix for localized non-English values.
Targeted for Production SandboxesAdding new links and pages to Mega Menu navigation in the site editor resulted in the new arrangements not being consistently saved and reflected on the frontend site. This has been corrected so that rearranged links in eCommerce site navigation are properly saved in their new order.
Targeted for Production SandboxesFollowing up on a fix in 1.2021, errors were sometimes experienced when calling the translated Cancel Order API for clients upgrading from a previous version of OMS. This was due to the system requiring payments to be refunded, which must be a void instead of refund in the case of no-operation payments. Support has been added to automatically void the payment when a request is made to the Cancel Order API for canceling an order placed with a no-operation payment.
Targeted for Production SandboxesMaking an API call to the Customer API with a filter for updatedDate was not including all results in the response. The way that these dates are tracked has been adjusted so that they can be properly filtered and new customer accounts can be easily found by searching for recently updated accounts.
Targeted for Production SandboxesWhen a B2B user added a list of items to their cart and at least one of the products had insufficient inventory, the appropriate error message was not displayed to inform the user that the item(s) were not in stock. This has been corrected so that the proper error message will be shown.
Targeted for Production SandboxesValid shipping methods for Canada Post were not being displayed as shipping options while creating an order, if the site’s locale was set to en-CA. This has been fixed so that the corresponding carrier shipping methods are properly supported and are selectable for new orders.