May 2, 2023 — 1.2316 Service Update

Production Tenant Features


  • Segmentation with Subscriptions: You can now set or update inventory tags on items in subscriptions, which follows the same process as when adding and updating tags on standard orders. If tags exist on a subscription, then those will be passed to the items in Order Al Items Now, Order Partial Items Now, and Next Order Only mode.
  • Segmentation in Return Replacements: When creating a return replacement from the Admin UI, the Edit Details pop-up will prepopulate the inventory tags for the replacement items. If there are more than three tags, then only the first three will be prepopulated. You will be able to update the tags and add new tags (up to three total) in this pop-up as well. This is similar to the same process as when adding and updating tags on standard order items.
  • Deprecated Reservation APIs: Two Reservation APIs have been deprecated, Update Fulfillment Method (.../commerce/reservation/{reservationId}/items/{reservationItemId}/fulfilmentMethod/{fulfilmentMethod}) and Update Pickup Location (.../commerce/reservation/{reservationId}/items/{itemId}/fulfillment/{fulfillmentLocationCode}). Use alternative APIs such as Update Reservation Item instead. The deprecated API schemas will be removed from the API documentation soon.


  • Extensible Carriers in Location Groups: The Location Groups page of the Admin UI now fully supports extensible shipping carriers, allowing you to set carrier credentials and service types for those carriers within the group.

Production Bug Fixes

CommerceIf an auto-add free product discount was configured with multiple target products, and one of the product was set to be hidden on the storefront and didn't have enough inventory, then the discount would break and no longer work for the remaining product. This is because an error would be thrown when fetching product details for the hidden and unavailable product. This has been fixed so that this error will not prevent the discount from still being applied to a valid product.
LocationsWhen making a Get Locations API call, using the "ne" operator did not result in appropriately filtered results. This was due to the filter logic using the same expression for "eq" and "ne," which has now been corrected so that "ne" results will be properly filtered.
OrdersWhen trying to view an existing order attribute from the schema page, a generic error message  would be displayed although none was reported in the browser Network tab. This has been fixed so that the page will load the order attribute details as expected.
OrdersWhen creating a new shipment for an order, the product name search was not working. This has been fixed so that products can be easily searched by name and added to the shipment.
OrdersSome orders in the Validated status were unable to be accepted from the Admin UI, as a 500 Internal Server error was encountered instead. This has been corrected so that valid orders can be successfully accepted in the UI.
SearchThe Site Search was displaying cached data for a couple hours after the data was updated, where it was expected to sync immediately and return current data like the Product Search. This has been fixed so that a data update will re-index the data and Site Search will display the new data.

Restricted Content

Internal Production Details

Find more information about the client-facing updates at these Jira tickets:

  • Segmentation with Subscriptions: Tickets in COM-6821 titled "INV.SEG (Subs)"
  • Segmentation in Return Replacements: COM-7029
  • Deprecated Reservation APIs: COM-7026
  • Extensible Carriers in Location Groups: TECH-1026

The following enhancements are internal-only and not exposed to clients:

  • TECR-30: Support for query string parameters has been added to throttled routes to improve performance rates.
  • CAT-2527: The Get Discounts API has been updated so that it doesn't return disabled discounts by default.
  • TECR-41: Hardcoded "sb" references have been replaced across services.
  • CAT-2633: A new Solr field (salePriceEndDate) has been added to indicate when a sales price expires.
  • Note that work has also been done for the Gift Receipt feature, but this is not included in release notes as the feature is not yet fully complete.

Find more information about the client-facing bug fixes at these Jira tickets:

  • Auto-Add Product Error: COM-7243 (reported by Boscov's)
  • "NE" Operator Not Working: COM-7285 (reported by Home Hardware)
  • Order Attributes Not Loading: COM-7321
  • Product Name Search Not Working: COM-6083 (reported by Fortis Life Sciences)
  • Can't Accept Orders: CHAR-4688 (reported by Zwilling)
  • Site Search Returning Old Data: CAT-2351 (reported by Nespresso)

Production Sandbox Features


  • Customer Search Enhancements: You can now use the Advanced Filters of the Customers UI to switch between performing an Exact or Contains search, similarly to what you can already do in the Orders UI. You can perform these searches on the customer's first name, last name, and phone number. However, note that Contains searches are not supported for phone numbers; looking up a phone number will only ever return exact matches.


  • Subscription Discount Enhancements: The Discounts UI has been updated to offer more options when configuring subscription discounts. You can now specify whether the discount is applied to the initial order only, continuity orders only, or both. Your selection will determine which additional settings are available, where for continuity orders you can fine-tune your discount eligibility based on the continuity recurrence, Nth continuity order, and subscription frequency. See the Subscription Discounts guide for more details.

Sandbox Bug Fixes

API ExtensionsWhen using the global.request.after API Extension, setting single or multiple cookies resulted in an error saying that an item with the same key had already been added. This has been corrected so that cookies can be successfully set in API Extensions without throwing this exception.
CatalogThe Quick Edit Assign Categories page's advanced filter was not filtering category types when selecting products. This has been fixed so that you can properly filter products by their categories and select them more easily.
LocationsLocation group BPM configurations could not be updated properly, as the changes were not being saved. This was due to a null issue caused by having a "None" default carrier, but has now been fixed so that BPMs can be successfully edited for location groups regardless of the default carrier selection.
SearchThe Site Search was erroring out when an invalid Category ID or Category Code was provided in the search parameters, and has now been made more fault-tolerant so that it will return zero results instead.

Restricted Content

Internal Sandbox Details

Find more information about the client-facing updates at these Jira tickets:

  • Customer Search Enhancements: COM-7060
  • Subscription Discount Enhancements: CAT-2051

The following enhancements are internal-only and not exposed to clients:

  • CAT-2809: Arabic analyzers have now been added to Solr.
  • CAT-2766: The Search Indexer has been updated to be more robust and avoid endless loops, improving performance.

The following bug fixes are internal-only and not exposed to clients:

  • TECR-70: Client-side resources were not being routed to the proper theme when using the theme preview. This has been fixed so that the theme preview routes them appropriately.

Find more information about the client-facing bug fixes at these Jira tickets:

  • Cookies in API Extensions: TECR-65 (reported by Sage Publishing)
  • Quick Edit Advanced Filter: CAT-2922 (reported by AFG)
  • Location BPMs Not Saving: TECR-53 (reported by The Level Group)
  • Site Search Breaking: CAT-2629 (reported by Nespresso and Experience Now)