June 15, 2021 — 1.2122 Service Update

Production Tenant Features

eCommerce & Order Management Functionality

  • Order Cancellation: When all shipments are cancelled from an order (whether from the Admin or Fulfiller UI), the entire order is now automatically cancelled as well. Previously, admins or customer service representatives would have to manually cancel an order in the Admin UI if all shipments were cancelled, which was inconvenient and required them to void or credit payments as well. The automatic cancellation will now handle voiding all authorized payments and crediting any captured payments.
    If there is a failure in these processes and the order is unable to finish cancelling, then an email notification will be triggered and the order will need to be manually cancelled. This email can be enabled/disabled in the general site settings as “Cancel Order Failure” in the email options and is enabled by default.
    Additionally, this functionality works in the reverse case where an order is cancelled first from the Admin UI. If a CSR cancels an order, then there is now a confirmation message that will indicate “Cancelling this order will credit and/or void all payments and cancel all shipments.”
  • File Manager Update: In addition to the new File Manager functionality being released to production, two more updates are being released to sandbox. These updates allow the Move action to change a folder’s location along with all of its files and subfolders, as well as the Advanced Filter option to search files by their image tag. See the user guide for more information.
  • Inventory Levels in Packing Slips: Additional inventory counts can now be listed on packing slips, including the StockOnHand, StockAvailable, StockAllocated, StockOnBackorder, SafetyStock. Ltd, and Floor levels. The current location’s inventory counts are retrieved at the time of the slip generation and added to the packing slip where that inventory information has been included in the Hypr template (for instance, as model.Items[0].stockOnHand).
  • Item Identifier Tooltips: Additional tooltips to display item identifiers have been added to fulfillment steps following stock validation. Hovering over the product name in steps such as Waiting for Transfer and Prepare for Customer in all applicable shipment types will now reveal a tooltip that displays the item identifier as set by the fulfiller.
  • Inventory Tags Tooltip: A tooltip has been added to the inventory tags section of the settings in the Inventory UI, explaining that tags cannot be disabled once enabled and advising the user to add at least one tag. See the inventory documentation for more information.
  • Custom SAP Workflow: A custom BPM and fulfillment flow has been created to support STH and Transfer order fulfillment with a SAP system. In these workflows, STH steps will be New Order, Transmitted to SAP, and Fulfilled. Transfer steps will be New Order, Transmitted to SAP, Shipped, and Received. This allows admins and customer service representatives to know when an order has been downloaded to their SAP system, as cancelling the order at this point will require it to be cancelled in both Kibo’s Order Admin and SAP. These steps are only processed via API and are not available in the Fulfiller UI.

B2B Functionality

  • Third Party Payments: Support for third party payments when turning B2B quotes into orders has now been extended to include Apple Pay and Pay With Amazon. When a B2B buyer turns a quote into an order and goes to checkout, they are now able to select Apple and Amazon integrations for their payment methods. They are not allowed to change the shipping address, method, or other information restricted to buyers.
  • Submit Quote Changes Update: The Submit Changes button on the Edit Quote page for sellers has been updated to say “Approve Quote with Changes” when the seller makes edits to a pending quote. This makes it clearer to the seller that they will be finalizing the quote with the changes that they applied to it. See the B2B documentation for more information about this feature.

Translated OMS Functionality

  • GET Inventory Job Queue: The GET request to retrieve inventory job queues at …/api/v1/queue is now supported by the translation layer between KCCP and the previous version of OMS, allowing upgraded clients who are using translated APIs to continue making their existing requests to this API. See the translated API documentation for more information.
  • Channel in Order APIs: Searching for orders in the translated APIs based on an external customer number is now better supported in KCCP. KCCP order attributes can now store the externalCustomerID key with the client’s designated channel field as a text value, allowing a search to filter the GET Order API results by channel. See the Order Attributes documentation for more context, but note that this is a process for a particular implementation so refer to your Kibo project team if you need this functionality.
  • Create Bin Inventory API: Translated APIs for Load and Search Bin Inventory calls were added in Version 1.2114. An additional endpoint for Create Bin Inventory (POST …/api/v1/bin) is now available as well. This will support the same request body as already used in the previous version of OMS and allows a new bin to made.

Production Sandbox Features

eCommerce & Order Management Functionality

  • Digital Gift Cards in Order Admin: Digital gift card information is now displayed as part of the shipment details in the Order Admin, including the card number and PIN, the names and emails of the sender and the recipient, and the gift card message. The recipient information and gift card message can be updated, and the gift card email can be resent to the recipient if needed. Note that these digital products are created as a shipment with the type “Digital” that is automatically marked as fulfilled and captured upon creation. See Digital Gift Cards for more information.
  • Mobile Fulfiller Enhancements: The ability to scan UPCs and SKUs from the Validate Stock step of BOPIS, Ship to Home, and Transfer shipments in the mobile fulfiller application has now been added to support scanning with Linea Pro Sled devices for a particular implementation. Several enhancements have been made to improve the display of text fields in the Validate Stock step and fix the search bar that was not returning results.
  • Block Assignment for Backorders: The blockAssignment flag that blocks future assignment to a shipment’s original assigned location has now been added to the Backordered Items API. This allows assignment to be blocked from that location when you do not want backorders to be assigned to the same location when they are released. See the Backordered Items API documentation for more information.

Bug Fixes

The following list summarizes resolved issues for this release.

Targeted for Production TenantsShipping and billing names were missing from transactional logs in some circumstances. This has been fixed so that these names are properly reported across all log types.
Targeted for Production TenantsOrders could fail and be rejected if the site settings were experiencing errors at the time. The order queueing logic has been improved to be resilient against these site settings failures, allowing valid orders to be accepted.
Targeted for Production TenantsTurning on automatic payment capture caused imported orders from a previous version of OMS to send refund requests for out-of-balance payments they had, though they were not supposed to be credited. This has been changed so that this setting does not attempt to process these legacy OMS orders.
Targeted for Production TenantsSeveral more email templates in the Site Builder editor were unable to be displayed and instead responded with errors, including the emails for returns, backorders, and curbside. This was due to errors with the mock data used for previewing templates. This has been corrected so that all templates can be successfully viewed.
Targeted for Production TenantsThe last row of the table in the Location Groups page was hidden behind the pagination icons, making that group appear to be missing from the table. This has been fixed so that all location group entries can be properly viewed.
Targeted for Production TenantsThe browser auto suggestion box when picking a user for a B2B account’s sales representative overlapped the user selection list, making the selection process difficult with no way to close the auto suggestions. This has been fixed so that this selection menu does not display the browser’s suggestions.
Targeted for Production TenantsWhen a transfer shipment or items on a transfer were cancelled, an email was triggered and delivered to the customer. This has been fixed so that transfer cancellation emails are not sent to the customer, as shoppers are not involved in the transfer process while waiting for their BOPIS orders.
Targeted for Production TenantsThe button to “Cancel Item(s) Off This Shipment” was not working correctly for transfer shipments – the entire shipment would be cancelled instead of selected items, and upon cancellation the parent shipment was moved to Customer Care which was not correct behavior for the transfer process. Both of these issues have been fixed so that items can be successfully cancelled off of transfer shipments as intended for the workflow.
Targeted for Production TenantsItem identifier validation is no longer enforced for items that are out of stock, while validation is enforced for items that are in stock. If an item is not available, then the fulfiller user no longer needs to input identifier information like they are required to for in stock items.
Targeted for Production TenantsAll orders in Curbside-Only implementations were automatically being sent into Customer Care, preventing them from being fulfilled in the FFUI. This was due to a recent change to the “allow fulfillment without stock on hand” setting intended for Curbside+OMS users, which did not account for Curbside-Only tenants that do not track inventory. This has been fixed so that Curbside-Only tenants’ orders will be placed into the proper Ready state upon creation instead of Customer Care.
Targeted for Production TenantsSome orders’ partNumber and SKU values were missing from translated transaction logs, even though these values were provided in the initial Import Order API request. This was due to these identifiers being nulled out when a BOPIS location did not have an inventory record, as these values were intended to be referenced against the inventory information. Now, when this situation is encountered then the system will fall back to referencing the partNumber and SKU values from the original order import.
Targeted for Production SandboxesReturn reason codes were not being displayed in the Return transaction logs as expected. This has been fixed so that the returnReason field is properly retrieved and reported for both partial and full returns.
Targeted for Production SandboxesSome BOPIS orders were not being automatically cancelled after the customer failed to pick them up within the allotted time, while attempting to cancel them manually resulted in an “order is not in a valid state” error. This was due to a fulfilled transfer shipment on the order blocking the cancellation, but has been fixed so that orders can still be cancelled after receiving a transfer.
Targeted for Production SandboxesCustom data list values could not be edited or added in Order Routing, resulting in an error indicating that no location was found even if the custom data list was not of the location data type. This has been corrected so that the Order Routing UI better validates the data type, allowing custom data lists to be updated.
Targeted for Production SandboxesMore than 10 mapped attribute values could not be added to a mapping attribute. The limit for these mapped attributes has been increased to 200 to support more mappings when needed.
Targeted for Production SandboxesThe Fulfiller UI was displaying the shipping address instead of the billing address in shipment information, due to the system only passing the shipping address to fulfillment. This has been corrected so that the customer’s billing address is displayed in the FFUI to match the Order Admin.
Targeted for Production SandboxesIf an item cancellation happened during BOPIS order creation due to inventory levels in order routing, then the shipment would begin at the Accept Shipment step of the fulfillment flow instead of the Waiting For Transfer step. Starting fulfillment at the Waiting For Transfer step was expected for sites that are configured to always create a full transfer for all items on the parent BOPIs shipment automatically. This has been fixed so that the behavior for these configurations works as expected by starting a BOPIS shipment in Waiting For Transfer if all of its items were placed into a transfer upon order creation.
Targeted for Production SandboxesClicking the shipment number link from the Transfer Received step of a Curbside shipment redirected to a standard BOPIS shipment page instead of the Curbside variant of BOPIS. This has been updated so that transfers redirect to the correct parent shipment fulfillment page for Curbside.
Targeted for Production SandboxesAttempting to initiate a new return for some products via the Order Admin UI resulted in errors stating that there were null values even though all return information was provided. This was due to various other errors with bundled products, product extras, and unfulfilled shipments. The return creation process has been updated to better handle errors and successfully initiate valid returns.