July 28, 2020 — 1.2029 Service Update

Production Tenant Features

eCommerce Functionality

  • Sliced Visual Merchandising Enhancements: To further improve the Visual Merchandising support of Slicing as done in Version 1.2025, the boost & bury functionality is now extended to slices. This allows administrators to bury a slice in the same manner as non-sliced products, so that the slice is displayed as the last result in its category. A maximum of 50 products and/or slices can be buried, and if multiple slices are buried then they are all grouped at the end of the category as seen on the Visual Merchandising page.Additionally, product and slice rankings have been updated to work more seamlessly. Slices can be ranked like standard products and will maintain their ranked position if the sort option is changed. If a product is ranked but then becomes sliced, the slice will appear in the same ranking. However, if a slice is ranked and the product is then changed to be no longer sliced, the base product will not replace the slice’s ranked spot – instead the slice will no longer be displayed on the storefront in that ranked position, and an “unknown product” placeholder will be displayed on the Visual Merchandising page for an admin.

Order Admin and Fulfiller Functionality

  • Fulfiller Dashboard Optimizations: Enhancements have been done to improve the response time of the Fulfiller UI upon first load, where it previously experienced timeouts and other performance issues when the network was slow or a large number of stores locations were in use. The processes to load shipment information have been updated to more efficiently handle this data and retrieve fulfiller information.
  • Thermal and Laser Manifests: USPS and Canada Post integrations can now generate shipping manifests with LASER or THERMAL as the label format, better supporting Laser and Thermal printing instead of processing the manifest document only as an image or other file format.
  • View Incoming Transfers: When viewing the details of a shipment in the Fulfiller interface, any incoming transfer shipments that have been created to fulfill unavailable inventory are now displayed. The transfer shipment number, origin location, and current status (Not Yet Shipped, In Transit, or Received) are all listed alongside the product information and quantity being transferred. This keeps the fulfiller user up-to-date on when inventory is on its way and allows them to better manage their shipments that require transfers and be prepared to receive the items and complete shipment.

Production Sandbox Features

eCommerce Functionality

  • Canadian Zip Mappings: Latitude/longitude-based zip code mappings, a format used by Canadian addresses”A0A 0A0″, are now supported to allow validation of these addresses and properly look up any postal codes in that format.

Order Admin and Fulfiller Functionality

  • Search Inventory by Product Code: Administrators can now search for product inventory across locations in the inventory view of the KCCP interface, allowing them to more easily find the inventory level of a specific product. Either either a particular location selected from the location dropdown OR “All Locations” selected (by default), a product code can be entered in the search bar. The results in the table will then update to display only the inventory level of that product at the chosen location(s).
  • Cancellation of Canada Post Labels: Canada Post shipping labels are now automatically cancelled when the associated shipment or order is cancelled, or when a tracking number if removed from the shipment. This protects merchants from being charged for shipping labels that they will not be using. Any relevant refunds for the carrier will be supported through the EasyPost integration.

Bug Fixes

The following list summarizes resolved issues for this release.

Targeted for Production SandboxesTrying to generate a return label with Canada Post resulted in a 500 Error instead of creating the label. This has been corrected so that Canada Post integrations can properly provide labels for returns.
Targeted for Production SandboxesWhen calling the translated Get Order API with query parameters for shipmentStatus, the results were not filtered as expected. The Shipped and Cancelled statuses did not return the proper results while the Ready, Backorder, and Customer_Care statuses did successfully filter orders. These have been fixed so that they can be successfully queried for. Similar errors were experienced with other parameters that will be fixed in an upcoming release.
Targeted for Production SandboxesValid Canada Post shipping methods were not displayed while creating order for French sites due to the fr-CA locale not being supported by the shipping method. This has been fixed so that all proper locales (en-CA, fr-CA, en-GB, and en-US) can offer the available Canada Post shipping method.
Targeted for Production SandboxesThe reason code selected by the fulfiller for rejected shipments was not saved when a shipment was moved to the Customer Care state, preventing customer service representatives from viewing the rejection reason. The reason code for requesting transfer items was also not saved for those cases. This has been corrected so that the fulfiller’s rejection and transfer reasons are properly stored and available when viewing shipment details.