February 9, 2021 — 1.2104 Service Update

Production Tenant Features

eCommerce and Order Management Functionality

  • Homepage Redesign: The Kibo Composable Commerce Platform homepage no longer opens to a set of tiles when a user logs in, but instead displays the reporting dashboard. All sections of the KCCP user interface can still be accessed via the left-hand navigation menu.
  • Translated Order Notes API: The Order Note API used in the previous version of OMS has now been translated through the conversion layer of the Kibo Composable Commerce Platform, so that existing API requests can still be used in KCCP after upgrading. See the Translated API documentation here.
  • Inventory Segmentation: Segmentation brings more flexibility to inventory management, allowing each inventory record to be separated into different categories to indicate that portions of its total quantity are intended for different channels, customer groups, fulfillment methods, or other needs. Segmentation is determined with tags, which identify the groups that inventory must be split into. For example, tags could define how much of each inventory record is set aside for a certain sales channel: the Kibo storefront, Walmart, or Amazon. The percentages of the inventory allotted for each channel would add up to 100% – the Kibo storefront could have 80% of the inventory, Amazon 10%, and Walmart 10%. For more information about the Inventory UI and segmentation, see the documentation.
  • Fulfiller UI Currency Display: The Fulfiller UI now displays the appropriate currency formatting depending on the currency type and site locale, allowing fulfiller users to see order amounts and other similar values in the format they would expect. The locale determines the language formatting rules while the currency code and symbol are also displayed for more clarity, such as “CAD$1,221.00” for Canadian English and “CAD1 221,00 $” for Canadian French. Similar functionality for areas of the order Admin UI and Site Builder are in progress.

Production Sandbox Features

eCommerce and Order Management Functionality

  • Bronto Support for Refund Emails: The Refund Issued appeasement email is now supported by the Bronto application. Previously, this email template existed in KCCP but was not included in the Bronto integration and thus could not be configured as part of the application. Now that Refund Issued has been added, the template can be selected in the application and the email can be sent from Bronto when issuing a refund to a customer. 
  • Additional Bronto Tags: Additional tags have been added to the Pick Up Ready shipment email in the Bronto application, allowing this data to be populated in the email templates. These tags are storeHours_day (e.g. storeHours_sunday), paymentMethod_#, amountRequested_#, amountCollected_#, amountCredited_#, paymentStatus_#, taxTotal, orderTotal, and itemCancelReason_#. 
  • Translated Get Payment API: The Payment API used in the previous version of OMS has now been translated through the conversion layer of the Kibo Composable Commerce Platform, so that existing GET API requests can still be used in KCCP after upgrading. 

Bug Fixes

The following list summarizes resolved issues for this release.

Targeted for Production TenantsThe admin/reports/localization/productproperties API endpoint experienced frequent timeouts, causing the Localization Properties page to time out frequently. This has been fixed so that queries to this endpoint are more efficient, allowing localization pages to load more quickly.
Targeted for Production TenantsThe Order Admin UI was displaying a maximum of 10 shipments in the Shipments view, even if more existed in the Fulfiller UI. This has been fixed so that all shipments are properly shown to the admin.
Targeted for Production TenantsIf a backordered shipment was reassigned and experienced a failure during Order Routing API calls, then it would be unable to be assigned to a new location due to its assignment suggestion being null. Validation has been added so that a shipment will not attempt assignment unless it has completed routing.
Targeted for Production TenantsWhen a shipment was split while in customer care, an empty shipment would be created as a result in addition to the expected child shipment. This has been corrected so that an extra empty shipment is not created in customer care.
Targeted for Production TenantsCertain requests to the Reassigned Shipment API that included malformed json returned a 500 error code when it should have been a 400 error. This has been corrected so that the proper error type is reported.
Targeted for Production TenantsIt was possible to delete jobs for the wrong tenant through a DELETE call to the List Jobs API. Validation has now been added to the tenant header to remove this vulnerability.
Targeted for Production TenantsThe shipment search failed due to memory being exceeded in the database. This has been fixed so that shipments can successfully be retrieved.
Targeted for Production TenantsBPM information and the Pickup Shipment tab name were not localized in the Fulfiller UI, displaying the English text where another language (particularly French) was expected. This has been fixed so that these areas are properly localized and can be translated.
Targeted for Production SandboxesWhen adding images to Bronto’s Order Pickup Ready emails, an additional “http” protocol was applied to the front of the item image URL which prevented the image from displaying. This email template has been fixed so that images can be properly embedded and viewed.
Targeted for Production SandboxesExisting return email templates were not being found in Site Builder, resulting in 404 errors and preventing the emails from sending properly. This was due to an error when fetching location data, which has now been fixed so that return emails can be retrieved.