February 23, 2021 — 1.2106 Service Update

Production Tenant Features

eCommerce and Order Admin Functionality

  • Returns for Items Added to Orders: If a CSR adds a new shipment with additional items to an order after it is submitted, creating returns for those items is now supported. Previously, these items would not appear as valid Returnable Items and thus returns could not be created for them. The added items will now be available in the Returnable Items section of the shipment view. Returns for these items can be issued and processed as usual, with the same behavior as returns for any items that were originally on the order. Be aware that adding products to an order requires a catalog so any OMS-only clients that are not using a catalog cannot use this feature.
  • Bronto Support for Refund Emails: The Refund Issued appeasement email is now supported by the Bronto application. Previously, this email template existed in KCCP but was not included in the Bronto integration and thus could not be configured as part of the application. Now that Refund Issued has been added, the template can be selected in the application and the email can be sent from Bronto when issuing a refund to a customer. 
  • Additional Bronto Tags: Additional tags have been added to the Pick Up Ready shipment email in the Bronto application, allowing this data to be populated in the email templates. These tags are storeHours_day (e.g. storeHours_sunday), paymentMethod_#, amountRequested_#, amountCollected_#, amountCredited_#, paymentStatus_#, taxTotal, orderTotal, and itemCancelReason_#. 
  • Translated Get Payment API: The Payment API used in the previous version of OMS has now been translated through the conversion layer of the Kibo Composable Commerce Platform, so that existing GET API requests can still be used in KCCP after upgrading. 

Fulfiller Functionality

  • View Fulfilled Shipment: When viewing a fulfilled shipment’s listing page in the Fulfiller UI, the button that previously said “Finish Fulfilling Shipment” now says “View Shipment.” This makes it clearer that there are no more actions to perform on the completed shipment, though its information can still be viewed.
  • Fulfiller Dashboard Tiles: When a fulfiller user (i.e., store manager or employee) or other user without the permission to view reports logs into the platform, the Fulfiller and Orders tiles are now displayed as their homepage. All non-fulfiller users with reporting permissions will be presented with the reporting dashboard upon logging in.

Production Sandbox Features

eCommerce and Order Management Functionality

  • Edit Shipment Permissions Update: The ability for a user to edit shipment items in an order has been updated to more accurately reflect site settings and user permissions. If the site setting “Edit data on shipment” is enabled but the user does not have the “Order Update – Pricing” behavior in their user permissions, then they will not be able to edit a shipment item’s price even though they can edit the other item data.
    Previously, users that did not have the “Order Update – Pricing” behavior were still able to perform price edits. With this update, they will no longer be allowed to do this. Anyone who needs to perform this action must have that behavior enabled in their user permissions.

    If the site setting “Edit data on shipment” is turned off, then stores cannot edit a shipment item at all. See the User Permissions documentation for more information on how to manage roles and behaviors.

  • Inventory Code Tooltip: The “Code” column header of the Inventory UI now has a tooltip to help clarify the purpose of this code. Click the “i” icon in the column header to view the tooltip explaining that this code represents the Product Code, UPC, or Variant Product Code of the inventory product.

Fulfiller Functionality

  • Canceled Items in Shipment View: When a shipment is canceled in the Customer Pickup step of the Fulfiller UI (via the “Customer wants to cancel” button), the Fulfiller UI previously did not display any details about the items if the user went back to view the canceled shipment. Now, a list of canceled items is included in the details view with pricing details zeroed out to $0.00. This applies to the shipment information displayed on both the search result listings and the shipment details page.
  • French Translation Update: Based on feedback from French users, the Fulfiller title “Partenaire” has now been replaced with “Exécution des commandes” in the French version of the Admin UI’s navigation menu.

Bug Fixes

The following list summarizes resolved issues for this release.

Targeted for Production TenantsWhen adding images to Bronto’s Order Pickup Ready emails, an additional “http” protocol was applied to the front of the item image URL which prevented the image from displaying. This email template has been fixed so that images can be properly embedded and viewed.
Targeted for Production TenantsExisting return email templates were not being found in Site Builder, resulting in 404 errors and preventing the emails from sending properly. This was due to an error when fetching location data, which has now been fixed so that return emails can be retrieved.
Targeted for Production TenantsSome users that did not have report view permissions were still able to access Reporting on the new dashboard. This has been fixed to ensure that users cannot view reports without the proper read behavior in their permissions.
Targeted for Production TenantsThe inventory service failed to find some US and Canadian postal codes when looking up locations, which could affect the accuracy of inventory levels. The missing US postal codes have now been added to Inventory, but the missing Canadian codes will be added in an upcoming release.
Targeted for Production SandboxesThe Welcome and Password Reset email templates could not load in the Site Editor, due to an error about a missing object reference. Additionally, Return email templates experienced a 404 Not Found error. This has been resolved so that the templates can successfully load in the editor.
Targeted for Production SandboxesThe BPM fulfillment step names were not translated in the French version of the Fulfiller UI. For example, the UI still said “Pickup – Accept Shipment” or “Ship to Home – Prepare for Shipment” as the title of the fulfillment step, even when the other text was properly translated. This has been corrected so that these fulfillment steps are displayed with their French names instead of English.