December 14, 2021 — 1.2148 Service Update

Production Sandbox Features

eCommerce & Order Management Functionality

  • Inventory Search Update: The Inventory page of the Admin UI now allows you to simply search for a base product code in order to retrieve all variants of that product. For example, searching for the Shirt code can return the red, pink, and white variants of the Shirt. Previously, you needed to provide the exact variant code to pull up a specific item which was not user-friendly. When this base product code is entered, a popup will display a list of all variants of that product and allow you to select which variants you want to include in the search results. This allows you to narrow down the results for base products that would otherwise return a large number of variants.
  • User Edit Validation: If a user account is being edited to have a different email address or username, the interface will now indicate whether that email and/or username already exists. Previously, the system would seem to allow the edits but not actually update the user upon saving. This new validation message will clarify which fields are duplicates and only allow the changes to be saved once the email address and username are unique.
  • CCLastFour in Emails: As a follow-up to the recent addition of the ccLastFour field in the Order API (which allows for specification of the four credit card digits to be displayed in the Admin UI), this card information can be displayed in Order Confirmation and Refund Issued emails as well. These templates will automatically use the ccLastFour value if it is populated in the API – if this field is not set, then the emails will continue to display as they already do.
  • API Localization: Localization has been completed on the Shipping (notably the Get Rates, Get Multi Rates, and Get Labels calls), Location, and Provisioning APIs. This allows for error messages and similar strings to be translated to non-English languages.

Fulfillment Functionality

  • Long Tracking Numbers: The GET Shipment API response will now include a new field in the tracking information data called stringBarcode which returns the “long tracking number” displayed above the barcode on FedEx labels. This field is automatically set for the shipment when FedEx shipping labels are generated in KCCP by the fulfiller. This support also extends to the translated version of the GET Shipment API used by some upgraded OMS clients.
  • Custom BPM Update: A particular implementation’s custom BPM has been edited to change the fulfillment step name from “Transmitted to SAP” to “Transmit to SAP.” This provides better clarity as to the purpose of the step and the shipment’s current status.
  • Refund S&H Default: When processing a return in the Fulfiller UI, the "Refund S&H" checkbox now defaults to false. This means that shipping and handling costs will not be refunded unless the box is checked manually or a Fulfiller theme override is put in place to default this option to true.

Bug Fixes

The following list summarizes resolved issues for this release.

Targeted for Production Sandboxes
The “Distance from fulfillment location to order” filter of Order Routing could not be edited once created, resulting in a 500 Error. This has been fixed so that these filters can be successfully edited.
Targeted for Production SandboxesIn Order Routing, the data set column on the Routes page always defaulted to displaying the first element in the drop-down after saving the page regardless of what the user had selected. This has been corrected so that the user’s selection will persist.
Targeted for Production SandboxesIn the Fulfiller UI, the Partial Pickup option was missing from shipments that had some of its items ready for pickup that were enabled for Preparation. This has been fixed so that prepared/assembly items can be included with partial pickup.