December 1, 2020 — 1.2047 Service Update

Production Tenant Features

There are no features targeted for your production tenants.

Production Sandbox Features

eCommerce and Order Management Functionality

  • Reprint Shipping Documents: After a Ship to Home or Transfer shipment has been fulfilled, the packing slip and shipping label can now be reprinted from the Fulfiller Interface. When viewing a fulfilled shipment, click Shipment Details to view a list of tracking numbers for the shipment and the links to “Reprint Shipping Label” for each tracking number. Previously, the UI did not allow this as it only let the user view the shipment details and history. Note that this does not support creating a new shipping label; the label will be the same as previously generated.
  • Payment Refund Appeasement Reasons: Customer service representatives can now select an appeasement reason when refunding a payment in the Order Admin UI, allowing more reporting data about refunds to be collected. These options appear as an additional dropdown field in the pop-up for creating a refund and selecting its refund method. The payment history of the order will display the selected reason, though a reason is not required to create and process a refund.
  • Switch Tenants with Single Login: If a customer service representative or other user has access to more than one tenant and is logged into one, they are now able to switch to another without having to log in to the new tenant again. There is a picker in the top right of the Admin UI that displays a searchable dropdown list of available tenants to switch between, based on tenants they have access to within the current environment (if they are in a production tenant, they will only view other production tenants and not sandboxes). Upon selecting a new tenant, the current page will refresh to display information for that tenant. If an error occurs, such as if they do not have permission to view the current page on the new tenant, they will be rerouted to the KCCP home page. This is currently only supported for the main Kibo Composable Commerce Platform Admin UI, not the Fulfiller Interface.
  • Add Products to Submitted Orders: CSRs are now able to add products to orders after the order has already been submitted, allowing more flexibility in serving customers without having to create new orders. When viewing an existing order that has not yet been fulfilled, a CSR can create a new shipment within the shipments tab that includes the additional product(s). The CSR can select a fulfillment and shipping method, and upon creation KCCP will approve the shipment for order routing or the selected pickup location if it is a BOPIS shipment. A product catalog is required to use this feature.

Bug Fixes

The following list summarizes resolved issues for this release.

Targeted for Production SandboxesThe BOPIS Order Pickup Reminder email was not using address/alias overrides when those preferences existed, as well as the reply-to and BCC settings for the emails. This has been corrected so that email-specific values for addresses and senders override the general values while the appropriate BCC and reply-to emails are included.
Targeted for Production SandboxesThe Get Order Item API response was not displaying some dispositions. This has been fixed for complete line item and entire shipment cancellation use cases, so that the disposition will always be provided even if its reason does not match one of the standard reason options. The fix for partial quantity cancellations is currently in QA but will be added to the sandbox when complete.
Targeted for Production SandboxesA particular configuration’s catalog export for product type attribute values resulted in empty CSV export files. This has been fixed so that this implementation can successfully export attribute data.
Targeted for Production SandboxesIndexing was not triggered when a particular implementation’s product property for “stores” was updated, meaning that when this property was changed in the Admin UI then the new value was not reflected in other areas such as the storefront. This has been fixed so that properties can be properly updated across the admin and storefront for the appropriate products.
Targeted for Production SandboxesThe returnReduction fields in return transaction logs were being displayed as null when they should have been populated with reduction information. This has been fixed so the appropriate values are reported, though it was discovered that reductions displayed in TLogs correctly if they were performed in the Admin but not if they were performed in the FFUI. The fix for that error is still in progress.
Targeted for Production SandboxesThe inventory S3 APIs reflected the wrong version number in fetch file and export configurations. This information has been updated in the code, but previously created configurations will still work and require no changes in the request.
Targeted for Production SandboxesThe Credits TLog did not include data from payment credits performed on refunds. An initial fix has been implemented to ensure credit data is reported in the log as part of a return case, but this does not yet apply to payment credits performed outside of a return.