April 13, 2021 — 1.2113 Service Update

Production Sandbox Features

This feature is targeted for production tenants on May 4th alongside Version 1.2114.

B2B Phase II & Quotes

The updated B2B feature allows business-to-business sales to be made to organizations separately from the single-consumer checkout experience, supporting multiple buyer accounts within a business’ B2B accounts and the ability to arrange an account hierarchy. Quotes allow sales representatives and buyers to estimate and negotiate the pricing of potential B2B orders. In the Admin UI, B2B accounts can be created and managed with their associated sales representatives (a new system user role) and a list of buyer accounts who can purchase or view orders on behalf of the business. On the storefront, both buyers and sellers can view quotes and request new accounts. For more information and details about how to create and manage accounts or quotes, see the B2B documentation.

Going forward, sales representatives are required for all new B2B accounts to be approved. However, any existing B2B accounts that were created on production environments prior to the release of Phase II will continue to function as-is without a sales representative.