Route Strategies

The landing page of the Order Routing UI is Route Strategy. This screen lists all available routing strategies, which are sets of individual routes, location groups, and routing configurations.

Only one strategy may be active (or "live") at a time. The active strategy determines which routing rules are applied to the production tenant and affect real orders. Any number of inactive strategies can be created so that tests can be done in a safe environment instead of in the active strategy.

The following actions can be performed:

  • Demote the current active strategy or promote another one to live status.
  • Create a new strategy by clicking Add Route Strategy.
  • Click the Edit icon of a strategy to edit its name and description.
  • Duplicate a strategy.
  • Delete a strategy.
  • Click Archive to archive an inactive strategy. A live strategy must be demoted before it can be archived.

Note that you can expand the dropdown menu in the top right corner of a strategy to view more action options. Clicking the name of a strategy will also take you to the Routes page of the interface, from which you can configure locations groups, assignment logic, and all other routing elements.

The Order Routing homepage with example route strategies