What You Can Do With Themes

Themes give you complete control over your storefront's frontend experience. With themes you can design snazzy home pages, tailor product and category pages to your liking, customize email templates, create specialized widgets that allow merchants to add functionality to pages in Site Builder, leverage the Hypr templating language and JavaScript to generate static and dynamic content, and much more.

Design Beautiful Storefronts

By modifying your theme, you can customize the styling and layout of content on your site. Kibo themes leverage a LESS pipeline to process CSS and use the Hypr templating language to control where content displays on a page.Example of a storefront homepage

Showcase Products Exactly How You Want

You can edit the Hypr templates that Kibo eCommerce uses to generate your site pages. In doing so, you can rework existing pages or create entirely new pages, which gives you unlimited flexibility in showcasing your products to your shoppers.Example of a storefront page displaying a set of products

Provide Merchants with Drag and Drop Functionality Using Widgets

As a theme developer, you can designate dropzones on a page where merchants can add widgets through Site Builder. For example, you can enable your merchants to add out-of-the-box or custom widgets to any page on the site, allowing them to quickly make meaningful changes to images, social media feeds, product review integrations, raw HTML markup, and other content without further developer assistance. You can also expose custom settings for every page, allowing merchants to tweak things such as the page name or SEO metadata.List of widget options in the Site Editor

Customize Shopper Interactions with Dynamic Content

You can customize complex shopper interactions by modifying Hypr templates and associated JavaScript files. For example, you can create an augmented, robust checkout experience tailored to your storefront's needs. You can also integrate third-party services and functionality, such as product reviews and third-party payment services, to fit seamlessly into your overall site design and flow.Example of product and cart pages on the storefront

Maximize the Performance of Your Site

You can host most theme files, including images, on the CMS to ensure uptime reliability and the best load and cache performance for your site. Themes compress and minify resource files such as scripts and stylesheets, and they use an asynchronous module loader to minimize the amount of scripts a page calls before loading. Themes let you process many common but expensive operations on the server rather than the client, improving load times. In addition, themes provide development tools that help you scaffold assets effortlessly and synchronize your changes to Dev Center. Using themes, you can also optimize site SEO by providing tailored settings and URL routes to your merchants to help them optimize site SEO.