Viewing Orders

The Orders section of the application displays a list of all orders on the tenant and allows the user to click any order to view its details. As with the Customers section, this section is accessible via the hamburger navigation menu.

The Orders page with example orders

This orders list may also be reloaded by clicking the refresh icon to the right of the column headers. If list has a large number of orders, then it will be paginated. Tap Load Next at the bottom of the list to view the next page of orders.

Which columns are shown in the list on the landing page can be changed by clicking the Columns drop-down menu, which will display a list of columns headers that can be toggled on and off.

Close-up of the drop-down column toggle menu

By default all orders are shown for previous 7 days, but user may also filter orders based on various criteria from the Filters drop-down as shown here. The user can reset filter selections by clicking Reset Filters.

A set of frames showing the different Filter drop-down menu options

Instead of browsing the entire list, an order can be searched for with the magnifying glass at the top of the screen. A search bar will appear where a query should be entered – the order number, customer name, email associated with the order, and external order ID are all supported search values.

Close-up of the search bar and search results

Tapping an order in the list of search results will display that order's detailed information. This includes the order number, order status, customer name, payment data, order date, fulfillment status, and line items. The user can refund the order back to the original payment method or initiate a return by clicking the appropriate button.

Details view for a completed orders with options to Refund or Return

Tapping the Receipt button reveals options to email and print the receipt, or print a gift version of the receipt. Selecting the print option will show a preview and attempt to connect to hardware for printing. Selecting the email option will prompt for an address (auto-filled to customer's email).

Close-up of the email and print receipt options