All notifications templates are installed on the site theme, where the default versions can be customized with business branding and adjustments to their formatting. 

You can customize your fulfillment email and store notification templates in the site theme, including SMS templates. They can also be viewed in the Site Builder, though you cannot edit them there.

View Templates in Site Builder

To view templates in the Admin UI:

  1. Go to Main > Site Builder > Editor.
  2. Click Pages > Email Templates in the navigation menu on the right.
  3. Click a template to view it on the page.

    The Site Builder navigation menu with a section for Email Templates

Customize Templates in the Site Theme

Email data is populated from the UCP APIs, so the content is limited to what is provided through those APIs. Neither default nor customized templates can transform any data, only display the data as it is given. For instance, a string with the value "Product Name : Shirt" cannot be changed to say "Shirt." However, if the email needs to expose data that isn't provided by an existing field in the relevant API then that data can usually be configured as a custom data field if supported by the API.

Below is an example of a customized template. For more detailed instructions about how to edit theme files and general email templates, see the Theme documentation.

Example of a custom email stating Your Order Has Shipped

Hypr Theme Editing

Hypr can also be used for editing consumer emails and store associate texts when there is not a third-party application installed to facilitate the editing process. The template files are stored on the site theme, so in order to update them client developers should make their edits to the files in a local git repository and push the new versions to their UCP site theme. The Hypr theme editing process that should be followed are documented here.