Shipment Assign Notifications


This documentation is for translated notifications and intended only for some implementations who have upgraded from a previous version of Order Management. Verify whether your implementation uses translated APIs before continuing, as you will receive different data if your tenant is not configured to use these. If your implementation is not configured to do so, then refer to the standard Notifications documentation instead.

A Shipment Assign Notification (which may sometimes be referred to as a “Ready Shipment Notification”) is sent when a shipment is assigned to a store, which places the order into “READY” status and thus triggers the notification.

Notification Parameters

The fields returned in the Shipment Assign Notification are described in the below table.

eventTypeIDstringAlways shown as ’ready_shipment’.
orderIDintegerThe identifier of the order affected by the shipment assign.
shipmentIDintegerThe identifier of the shipment affected by the shipment assign.
externalOrderIDstringClient-generated unique identifier for the Order sent to Kibo.
parentOrderIDintegerFor a transfer order, this is the order identifier of the parent In-Store Pickup order.
manufacturerIDintegerA unique identifier for a manufacturer.
retailerIDintegerA unique identifier for a retailer.
locationIDintegerA unique identifier for a location.
externalStoreIDstringThe fulfiller’s identifier for a location.
shipToLocationIDintegerFor a transfer order, the unique identifier for the destination location.
shipToExternalStoreIDstringFor a transfer order, the fulfiller’s identifier for the destination location.
shipTypestringThe speed of delivery. Ex: REGULAR, EXPRESS
shipperNamestringThe name of the location.
shipmentStateTypestringShipment order type. STH, ISPU, or STS
isTestOrderbooleanTest order flag.
isInventorybooleanInventory order flag.

This example demonstrates how parameters might be defined for shipment assignment.