Scanning Barcodes

Instead of searching for a product via the catalog or typing in a search term, a user may instead scan the barcode of the physical object with the application's barcode scanner functionality. Scans may be taken from the device's camera or by an external scanning device.

On first use, the application will prompt the user to grant the application permission to access the phone camera. This must be enabled in the device's settings before it can be used as a scanner. 

Pop-up prompting the user to allow camera access

Switch between the "Camera Reader" and "External Reader" tabs to select where the input is coming from.

Camera Reader:

Pop-up prompting the user to scan a barcode using the camera reader

External Reader:

Pop-up prompting the user to scan a barcode using an external reader

Scanning a product:

Example of scanning a product with the camera, with the product details populated

If the barcode is not valid, not part of the known catalog, or that UPC is not registered to the product as part of its product attributes, the application will return an error message indicating that the scanned barcode was not supported and cannot be added to the cart. It is possible that the item can still be added to the cart via manually finding it within the product catalog on the application.

Additionally, only EAN-13 type barcodes are currently supported and any other type of barcode will not be able to return the product details.

Example of scanning a barcode with the camera reader, with an error message for an unsupported barcode