POS Storefront

Once the user successfully logs in for the first time, they will be taken to the Launchpad screen to select their Tenant, Site, and Location. If the user has already logged in and selected Launchpad options before, they will be taken directly to the Store using their previous selections.

The Store section of the application is the landing page that allows users to view the catalog. Users may also navigate here by clicking Store in the sidebar menu from anywhere else in the app. This view will allow the user to explore all of the categories and products within their store's catalog. This section also displays a view of the current cart and allows updates to the cart. The catalog is stored locally on the device and synced so that it stays up-to-date.

Upon launch, the Store opens to a view of top level product categories. The cart pop-up can be toggled off by clicking the shopping bag icon in the top right of the Store.

The Store page showing product categories

From the top level category view, either click into categories to view their child products and subcategories or click the All Categories dropdown for more options. Through All Categories, the user can navigate deeper into a specific category or choose to view the entire list of products in the catalog.

Close-up of the navigation menu showing All Products and several category options

Clicking All Products from that All Categories dropdown opens a list of every product in the catalog. Products can be viewed in list or tile format by clicking the icon to the right of the All Products dropdown to toggle between the two options.

Tile format with the cart toggled on:

The All Products page with an empty cart on the right

Tile format with the cart toggled off:

The All Products page in tile format without a cart panel

List format with the cart toggled off:

The All Products page in list format without a cart panel

If viewing a specific category instead of All Products, only the products within that category will be displayed. Any subcategories will be expanded in the navigation menu. Click a product to view its individual description page.

Product description pages show images of the product as well as its name, price, and description. If it is a product with variant options then they will be listed and selectable.

The tile and list display formats can be toggled in the category view as well. Users can search for specific products within the current category by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top left.