POS Settings

The Settings section can be found by clicking the ellipses by the user's name at the bottom of the hamburger menu. Here, there are tabs for General, Account, and Hardware settings. General Settings covers app status, tenant/site/location selections, and language selection:

  • Status displays build version, release notes, and used libraries.
  • Tenant, Site, and Location settings allow the user to view current selections and change selections if desired. Tapping Change will bring up a Launchpad view within the current screen, allowing the user to make new selections.
  • This area also shows the latest sync date-time. Tap Sync to instantiate a manual sync to grab the latest catalog.
  • Change Language will prompt the user to select desired language. Many strings have been translated to available languages but will fall back to English if not supported.

The General Settings page

The Account settings tab displays known info about the currently logged in user including their name, email, and role.

This information can be edited by tapping the Edit Details button and entering new data. Tapping Change Password will bring up Kibo's change password form in a web view, allowing the user to reset the password on their account as they would for the web interface.

The Settings page with the Account tab selected

The Hardware settings tab manages attached payment terminals and printers for processing payment and receipts. Note that many receipt printers may include a cash drawer and barcode scanner on the same connection. The POS application currently supports connections over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi/LAN network.

If a default terminal or printer has been selected, it will show as the default. Otherwise, the application will show none selected. Default hardware selections will determine which terminal is selected by default during card payment checkouts and which printer is used for receipt printing. Tapping Select a Terminal/Printer will take the user to the terminal/printer list screen which displays a list of known, either "approved" or "unapproved" hardware depending on which tab is selected. A green checkmark will indicate any hardware that is selected as default.

The Settings page with the Hardware tab selected

To populate the list of known hardware, the user can either have the application search automatically for hardware or they can manually enter the hardware's IP address. Tapping Search will cause POS to search for hardware that can be found over Bluetooth or LAN and display the results in the list.

To add hardware by IP address, enter the IP address in the associated text field. This will cause POS to search for hardware on the network at the given IP address. If found, it will be displayed in the list for selection.

Once hardware is found in the list, the user can select it and tap Select a Terminal/Printer to set it as the default hardware.

The Hardware settings page with the Select a Terminal module

Current supported payment terminals include:

  • Pax devices with Card Knox firmware, eg. PAX S300. These are configured by manually entering the IP address that is presented on the terminal display during boot up.
  • Hardware which does not require wireless connection, such as the Square card reader, will not need any configurations to be set in the Point of Sale application's hardware settings.

Current supported printers include:

  • StarMicronics - POP10 - Includes a receipt printer, cash drawer, and external barcode scanner. Configured by searching for devices which should find the printer over Bluetooth.

Potentially supported printers include:

  • Epson