Order Management Integration

Both Kibo's Fulfiller Interface and inventory service can be utilized from the POS application.


The Unified Commerce Fulfiller Interface can be accessed from the application, though it loads in a web view. Thus, refer to the FFUI documentation for more information about this user interface.

This interface is accessed from the hamburger navigation menu of the application, and changes have been made to the FFUI to allow automatic login with the same username and selected tenant if the user is accessing the FFUI straight from Point of Sale.

To return to Point of Sale, click the hamburger menu in the top left of the header (circled here) and click Back to POS. This button will navigate the user out of the FFUI and back to the app storefront.

The Fulfiller homepage on a mobile layout


The application is also integrated with Unified Commerce inventory management, also accessible from the hamburger navigation menu. The inventory section allows the user to view and update inventory for their current location or do a cycle count of inventory. Once the user has navigated to Inventory section, three tabs will be available at the bottom of the screen.

  • View Inventory: This tab is the initial tab loaded when the user navigates to Inventory. It allows them to view a list of all products and variants with their respective availabilities. View products from all categories or specific categories by selecting a category on the left-hand side. Swipe right on a product to perform an inventory update for it.
  • Update Inventory: This tab will also show a list of all products, similar to View Inventory. However, clicking on a product here will open a popup to update inventory for the product. In this popup, the user can enter a count and either increment or decrement inventory for the item by the entered amount.
  • Cycle Count: Cycle Count is an upcoming feature and will be available in a future update.