Order Item Modification Notifications


This documentation is for translated notifications and intended only for some implementations who have upgraded from a previous version of Order Management. Verify whether your implementation uses translated APIs before continuing, as you will receive different data if your tenant is not configured to use these. If your implementation is not configured to do so, then refer to the standard Notifications documentation instead.

There are actually two different notifications included in the Order Item Modification topic – one logging any updates of an order item as expected, the other specifically triggering when an order item is cancelled. These notifications are sent for any order type (Ship-to-Home, Ship-to-Store, In-Store Pickup, etc.).

  • Order Item Modification Notification – Sent when the quantity, tax, or price of an order item on an unfulfilled order are modified, either via API or the CCUI interface. This notification details the updated quantity, tax, and price of the order as well as other order and shipment information.
  • Cancel Order Item Notification – Sent when an individual item is canceled from an order. This is the same as the Cancel Order Item Notification listed under the Shipment Status topic.

Order Item Modification Notification Parameters

This notification will include all of the updated information of the order item data block.

The identifier of the order created.
Client-generated unique identifier for the order sent to Kibo.
The fulfiller’s identifier for the location.
The name of the location.
The code explaining why the order is being changed.
The human-readable explanation for why the order is being changed.
Always shown as “OrderItemModificationEvent”.
The type of the order, such as “IN_STORE_PICKUP”
Information on each line-item affected by this modification.
itemIDintegerdataThe item’s identifier.
shipmentIDintegerdataThe identifier for the shipment this line item belongs to.
partNumberintegerdataThe part number of the line-item that has been modified.
upcstringdataThe upc code for the line-item that has been modified.
skustringdataThe sku code for the line-item that has been modified.
quantityintegerdataThe quantity of the line-item that has been modified.
actualPricenumberdataThe actual price of the line-item.
itemTaxAmountnumberdataThe tax amount of the item.
itemTaxRatenumberdataThe tax rate applied to the item.
reasonCodeintegerdataThe code explaining why the order item is being changed.
reasonDescriptionstringdataThe human-readable explanation for why the order item is being changed.

This example shows a standard Order Item Modification Notification.

  "orderID": "0000000",
  "externalOrderID": null,
  "externalLocationID": "1111111",
  "locationName": "Example Location",
  "eventTime": "2018-11-16 19:11:10",
  "reasonCode": "",
  "reasonDescription": "",
  "eventTypeID": "OrderItemModificationEvent",
  "orderType": null,
  "data": [
      "itemID": 111222333,
      "shipmentID": "333222111",
      "partNumber": "LoadTestingPart1",
      "upc": "LoadTestingPart1",
      "sku": null,
      "quantity": "1",
      "actualPrice": "2.00",
      "itemTaxAmount": null,
      "itemTaxRate": null,
      "reasonCode": null,
      "reasonDescription": null
  "scope": {
    "mfgID": "10101",
    "catalogID": "19",
    "fulfillerID": "01010"