Order Appeasement Notifications


This documentation is for translated notifications and intended only for some implementations who have upgraded from a previous version of Order Management. Verify whether your implementation uses translated APIs before continuing, as you will receive different data if your tenant is not configured to use these. If your implementation is not configured to do so, then refer to the standard Notifications documentation instead.

The Order Appeasement Notification is triggered when an appeasement is created for an order. It provides similar information to that returned by Appeasement API responses.

Notification Parameters

The basic information that return notifications provide is outlined below, though some notifications may include an additional parameter to provide details specific to that step of the return process. These cases are noted above the relevant example below.

eventTypeIDstringAlways shown as ’create_appeasement.’
orderIDintegerThe identifier of the order the return is being created on
externalOrderIDstringClient-generated unique identifier for the Order sent to Kibo
orderAppeasementIDintegerA unique identifier for the appeasement.
creditPayeeenumThe entity who will pay for the credit (KIBO, SHOPATRON, MANUFACTURER, or RETAILER).
creditAmountnumberThe amount to be credited.
creditDescriptionstringThe reason for the credit.
creditCreationTimestampstringThe creation time of the credit. Supports date-time format.
scopeobjectContains the mfgID, catalogID, and fulfillerID that the order belongs to.

The following example shows what a standard appeasement notification may look like.

   "orderAppeasementID": 00000,
   "creditPayee": "MANUFACTURER",
   "creditAmount": 1,
   "creditDescription": "No Inventory",
   "creditCreationTimestamp": "2017-08-24T22:40:42+00:00",