Getting Started with POS

When the app is launched for the first time, a splash screen will welcome the user and prompt them to log in and enable location services, if applicable.

The Point of Sale homepage with a Login button

Clicking Login will navigate the user to the login screen shown below. On initial startup, the user may be presented with prompts to enable location services. Subsequent launches after the initial boot will immediately display the login screen to the user. To log in, provide the appropriate credentials (a valid email or associate ID and password).

The application login form

Clicking Forgot Password will open a reset password form in a web view. This will require the email address associated with the user's account. The user should receive an email shortly after requesting a password reset via an automated system.

The error message below will be displayed if invalid information was submitted. Click Go Back to return to the login screen, where the username will be auto-filled based on the previous attempts. Clicking the icon on the right of the username field will clear it.

Close-up of a login failure message

The application can store the previous successful login credentials, but requires the user to re-input the password for the username. The user may switch between the historical login and an empty credential by swiping left or right on the login popover, as shown on the following slide. Previous usernames can be "forgotten" by swiping the login form downwards into the trashcan that will appear. Forgotten usernames will no longer be stored.

Three frames showing how the login form can be swiped to a blank version