Get Location Information


This documentation is for translated APIs and intended only for some implementations who have upgraded from a previous version of Order Management. Verify whether your implementation uses translated APIs before making this call, as you will experience errors if your tenant is not configured to use these. If your implementation is not configured to do so, then refer to the standard API documentation instead.

The Get Location API retrieves basic information about a location.

The data returned by this request is the exact same as in the previous version of OMS, as the Unified Commerce platform supports backwards compatibility for this API. The only change to this request is the format of the base endpoint, as shown in the below table. Remember to provide the x-vol-tenant key for authentication in the headers.

Production URLhttps://{tenantId}{locationID}
Sandbox URLhttps://{tenantId}{locationID}
Supported FormatsJSON

You can append one optional parameter, “includeHours,” to the end of the above endpoint to determine whether information about the location’s timezone and daily store hours are included in the response. If this parameter is not provided, then the API will default to false and not return this information.



In this example, the location details includes these particular properties:

  • Location name is “Example Location” with ID 00000
  • Multiple contact details available for primary contact John Smith
  • Taxable shipping location with a storefront in Dallas
  • Express fulfillment available but not pickup

General Information

The response returns the following information about a location:

  • Identification (associated IDs)
  • Address Information
  • Fulfillment Details (local taxes, enabled options, etc.)

The Full Request

The below endpoint will request the data from Location ID 00000, including the hours and timezone information. There is no request body needed.


The Full Response

This is the full response returned by the API.

 "locationID": 00000,
 "manufacturerID": 12121,
 "fulfillerID": 90909,
 "name": "Example Location",
 "addressLine1": "111 Example St",
 "city": "Dallas",
 "state": "TX",
 "countryCode": "US",
 "postalCode": "75201",
 "latitude": 39.5755,
 "longitude": -104.862,
 "contact": "John Smith",
 "contactPhone": "00-000-0000",
 "phone": "000-000-0000",
 "fax": "111-111-1111",
 "email": "",
 "localSalesTax": 0.06075,
 "active": true,
 "shippingLocation": true,
 "restockEnabled": false,
 "pickupEnabled": false,
 "showInAggregateReport": true,
 "taxableLocation": true,
 "hasStorefront": true,
 "mainLocation": false,
 "express": true,
 "lastUpdated": "2018-01-01T19:40:30+0000",
 "hours": {
     "SUNDAY": {
       "open": "09:00:00",
       "close": "21:00:00"
     "MONDAY": {
       "open": "09:00:00",
       "close": "22:00:00"
     "TUESDAY": {
       "open": "09:00:00",
       "close": "22:00:00"
     "WEDNESDAY": {
       "open": "09:00:00",
       "close": "22:00:00"
     "THURSDAY": {
       "open": "09:00:00",
       "close": "22:00:00"
     "FRIDAY": {
       "open": "09:00:00",
       "close": "22:00:00"
     "SATURDAY": {
       "open": "09:00:00",
       "close": "22:00:00"
    "timeZone": "CST",
    "dstObserved": true