Filter Inventory by Location

The filter inventory by location feature enables your shoppers to filter the products displayed on your eCommerce site so that they see only those products for which a specific store has inventory available.

Use Cases

A shopper visits your eCommerce site and wants to view only those products available at a store near them. They select a filter link with a name such as "Shop My Store" on your site, enter their zip code, and your site displays only the products that are available at stores within a radius of that shopper's location.


The system searches product by location code and looks at the reserved and available values associated with that product and location code. If the location code for the location the shopper chooses does not have any reserved or available values for a product, the system will filter that product out of the list of products it displays.

Enable Filter Inventory by Location

Update Your Theme

Ask your theme developer to make the required changes to your theme to enable this feature, as detailed in the GitHub Pull Request.

UI Configuration

This feature requires you to update your theme. To update your theme and enable Filter by Location:

  1. Go to Main > Site Builder > Themes.
  2. Select MozuCore.
  3. In the Features section, select Allow Filter by Location Inventory.
  4. In the Filter Label Text field, enter the name you want to use for the filter link on your storefront. For example, "Shop My Store".

Using Filter by Location

You can turn on the filter by location feature in your store's site settings so that customers only see those products that are available at that store.

To turn on filter by location:

  1. Go to Main > Site Builder > Editor.
  2. Select the site that you want to edit.
  3. Select the Settings tab.
  4. In the Filters section, select the Allow Filter by Location Inventory checkbox.