Customer Accounts

The Customers section of the application allows the user to view and edit customer accounts. This is accessible in the hamburger navigation menu in the top left of the application.

The landing page for this section is a list of all the customer records that are available for the current tenant. Each customer entry includes their name, email, number of orders, and whether they are a "shopper" or "guest" customer.

The Customers page

Browse this table or search for a specific customer by clicking the magnifying glass icon and typing a query into the search bar that appears, as shown below. Either a name or an email can be queried to retrieve the customer's data.

Close-up of the customer search bar and list of search results

New shopper accounts can be registered through the application as well. Clicking the icon of a person with a plus sign in the top right of the Customers view will initiate this account registration.

When adding a new customer, a popup will appear prompting the user for the required first name, last name, and email address fields as well as an optional phone number to be associated with the account. There is also a toggle for subscribing the customer to news and updates from the retailer.

When all required fields have been filled out, click Add New Customer to save the new account.

Close-up of the Customers page header with the Add Customer icon

Pop-up prompting the user to set configurations for a new customer

Tapping an entry in the customer list will select that account and open the customer data. 

  • Customer Details: Their name, email, phone number, status, and whether they are to news.
  • Addresses: Their shipping and billing addresses.
  • Latest Orders: Their total spending, average basket size, number of orders, and list of previous orders.
  • Store Credit: How much store credit they have available.

The Add To Sale button at the bottom can be used to link this customer to the current cart, allowing a new order placed with the cart to be associated with their account record.

An example customer profile page

Clicking Edit Customer when viewing the customer details will display a popup just like the one used to create a new customer account, where the name, email, phone, and subscription preference of the shopper can be updated.

Pop-up prompting the user to edit customer configurations

Customers may also have any number of addresses associated with them and they are displayed in Shipping/Billing Address area of the customer details. Edit an existing address by tapping the address, which will open an Edit Address form, or clicking Add New Address to create a new entry. Both forms include all of the same fields. For ship to home checkouts with a linked customer, the customer's addresses will be displayed as options when selecting the shipping destination.

Pop-up prompting the user to edit shipping address configurations

When updating an address, the form will be auto-filled with the current address information. On the new address form, some fields such as the contact name will be auto-filled with the customer's information. Set whether this address is billing or shipping, as well as whether it should be used as the customer's default, with the toggles at the bottom. Click Validate Address to query a configured address and allow the user to pick the pre- or post-validation version of the address by tapping on the desired format.

Example of an original address and the validated version

Finally, the Latest Orders section of the customer details displays some high level information about the previous orders that they have placed through their account: their total spending, average basket size (average order value), and number of orders.

Tapping an order in the list will navigate to the Order Details view for that order. See the Viewing Orders guide for more information.

Close-up of the customer's order history section