User Guides


Catalogs are the cornerstone of your business and contain all the products you sell in your store.


Customers buy your products and create orders in the process. Kibo eCommerce provides several different ways to categorize customers.


Use the Unified Commerce Fulfiller UI to process shipments in different methods such as STH, BOPIS, Curbside, and more.


Use the UI and File Import/Export processes to manage your inventory levels.


Manage your fulfillment locations and location groups.


Use discounts and search tuning to market your products to shoppers.


Orders allow you to keep track of your business and what your customers are ordering.

Point of Sale Application

Empower store associates to serve customers on mobile with Point of Sale


You can publish drafts to either your site content or your products, and you can also group drafts together in publish sets.

Order Routing

Use the Order Routing service to configure how orders are assigned within your location system.


Use the Looker reporting dashboard of UCP to analyze data about your orders, locations, fulfillment trends, and more.

Customized Search

Configure your Search settings to fine-tune the results customers see when searching for products on your site.

Site Builder

Site Builder is your interface for customizing the design, organization, and content on your site.


Configure your settings for site structure, channels, payment options, locations and shipping, user management, and more.

Apps and Integrations

Apps and Integrations extend the power of Kibo eCommerce. Visit the Kibo eCommerce Marketplace to download these and other apps.


Whether you are migrating data for your first Kibo eCommerce store or batch updating existing data, the Kibo eCommerce Import/Export tools greatly simplify the process of adding or updating data on your Kibo eCommerce tenant.